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Milestone Page - Safe your 10x10 pixels for free with backlink
Milestone Page - Safe your 10x10 pixels for free with backlink

Milestone Page - Safe your 10x10 pixels free from us for a free backlink

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High quality backlink

High quality backlink

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Win-win strategy

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You acquire for your company or product with an one time payment a pemanently advertising space from us, which keeps an enormous background and traffic by our several partners ready for you. This webpage is designed to exist permanently, and offers at the beginning to a selected circle of companies, the unique opportunity to increase their level of awareness and also through the expected media-presence as founding member or pioneer, to stand for a new kind of advertising in connection with social commitment. In the further course it is planned, to ensure an increased multiplication of the advertising via the various social media such as Instagram, Facebook and co.

A big advantage for you, in cooperation with our partners like WHO, WWF and other Charities a positive binding with your company or product is created. Like you certainly know, there is a similar project, the million dollar homepage. Global players like Tuev-South and other notable companies, safed a permanently advertising space with a little effort. Various media reports multiply the advertising presence many times. Simultaneously you help with your investment the organisations for needy people or the environment and connect your company with a positive image, by donating up to 50% of your investment amount to a charity of your choice from our pool of charities. Through our advanced algorithm, every customer of our page hase the same rights and opportunities. This means, the company or product logos will not be placed static on our page, they will be placed new with every user or guest who visits our page. Thus, each participating member has the same requirements and rights, only the size of your logo or product picture is an important advance for a higher click rate.

Compare with your advertising agency or professional the cost benefit effect from the simple internet advertisement or analogue medias with the advertisement with all positiv side effects at our internet presence. You will realize very fast, that you gain an added value with just a little effort.

Be part as a pioneer of a new kind of advertising in connection with social engagement. Reserve your presence here in shape of your company or product logo on our page, which will revolutionize advertisement in the internet and will connect it with plenty of advantages.

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Based on the idea of ​​Alex Tew: A new kind of million dollar homepage! Learn more.

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